Pangolins in the News

One Live Pangolin & Four Leopard Pelts Found During Smuggling Attempt

India – Forest officials in Odisha’s Nabarangpur district have seized four pieces of leopard skin and arrested six persons on charge of trading in wildlife body parts. One live pangolin was also recovered from the six persons, said Swayam Mallick, Divisional Forest Official (DFO) of Nabarangpur. All the accused have been forwarded to the court. Four motor cycles used by the accused were also seized by the forest squad, he said. Mallick said a series of search […]

African White-Bellied Tree Pangolin

Four Men Convicted of Trafficking Endangered Pangolins in Vietnam

A court in Ho Chi Minh City on Monday sentenced four people to up to one and a half years in jail for trafficking pangolins. Vo Ta Dung, 54, had the longest jail term. Two of his accomplices received five months and 11 days, which was the detention period, and were released after the trial. The other got a suspended sentence of one year. The operation was busted last December when two members were caught driving […]

Army Major Arrested Allegedly Smuggling Pangolin Meat & Ivory – South Sudan

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN – South Sudan authorities arrested an army major and a Chinese oil worker for allegedly trafficking elephant ivory and endangered pangolin meat through the country’s Paloich oil fields. National wildlife service officer Bona Adino said he arrested the army officer at Juba International Airport Tuesday with 27 pieces of cut ivory from eight elephants on a cargo flight to Paloich, the country’s only functioning oil fields. On Wednesday, an airport sniffer dog unit […]

250k USD Worth of Pangolin Scales Seized from Speedboat – Hong Kong

At 2 am, yesterday, Customs officers spotted people loading goods onto a speedboat on the coast of Lau Fau Shan in northeastern New Territories. Officers intercepted them and found five cartons containing 130 kilos of pangolin scales and 15 bags holding 310 kilos of furs (appearing to be from small white animals), with a total value of HKD2 million (250k USD, instead by Pangolin Conservation). The government statement did not specify whether any arrests were made. A customs official […]

Duo Held w/ Pangolin Scales – Nepal

KATHMANDU – Police apprehended two persons in possession of two kilograms of pangolin scales from Bouddha, KMC-6 on Monday. The suspects have been identified as Tirtha Shrestha (28) & Ashok Shrestha (23) of Bhuji-2 Ramechhap. They are said to be currently residing at Bouddha. A police team deployed from the Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) nabbed the duo while they were looking for prospective clients to sell the scales of endangered animal. They were nabbed acting on a tip-off, […]

Man Caught With Poached Pangolin in Fridge Sentenced to 9 Years in Zimbabwe

It is refreshing to see a country in Africa make a serious effort to combat the illegal trade in pangolins. – PC “Henry Makunde, 38, was sent to jail after a full trial in which Harare magistrate, Tendai Mahwe, ruled that there were no special circumstances. Makunde was denying charges arguing that he was not directly involved in this crime as he was only aware that his nephew from Chipinge had the pangolin which he kept […]

Madhya Pradesh STF Arrests Kingpin of Indo-China Pangolin Smuggling Module – India

BHOPAL: In a major breakthrough Madhya Pradesh forest’s special task force (STF) have arrested alleged kingpin of Indo-China Pangolin smuggling network from Assam. This is the 80th arrest in the country’s biggest ever poaching network cracked by the STF. A team has been dispatched to Delhi to meet Interpol officials for further probe into overseas operations. Accused Amir Hussain Laskar, has been arrested on a specific input, said sources. He was produced before a special […]


By OLIVER SLOW | FRONTIER – The devastating impact of illegal logging and the illicit trade in wild animals on wildlife in Myanmar is attracting increasing attention from watchdog groups amid concern that some species are threatened with extinction. A diverse environment that includes snow-capped mountains, rain forests and a vast river and delta networks has helped to give Myanmar has one of the highest levels of wildlife diversity in Southeast Asia. The country has 11,824 […]

Save the Pangolin: How Much do You Know About the Most Trafficked Mammal in the World

Elephants and rhinos often get the limelight when it comes to wildlife conservation. Little is known about the pangolin which is the most heavily trafficked mammal in the world. Elephants and rhinos clearly have the most supporters when it comes to wildlife conservation. Several celebrities like Prince William and Chinese actress Li Bingbing have lent their voices to the campaign to end the ivory trade. However, there’s another animal that badly needs media coverage in order to […]

Pangolins are described as the world’s most trafficked animal, but you have probably never heard of it. (Photo : Youtube/Earth Touch)

Markets of Death, Part One: The Asian End of a Grisly Business

China’s desire for exotic animals, tastes and products will probably push wild elephants, rhinos, pangolins and many other species to extinction within the next 10 to 15 years. This trade is destabilising many African countries as poachers, armed by organised criminal syndicates, outgun security forces, loot villages and decimate animal populations. Their bloody haul is mostly transported by Asian agents who bribe officials and undermine the security of national states. We begin in the lawless, […]