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Rare Sumatran Rhino Calf Born in Indonesia

A critically endangered Sumatran rhino was born in Indonesia. A HUGE congrats from Pangolin Conservation to all those involved in this amazing captive breeding success! JAKARTA: A Sumatran rhino gave birth at a sanctuary in Indonesia on Thursday, an official said, taking the critically endangered species a step further away from extinction. The female calf was born at 5:40 am on western Sumatra island, a spokesman for the environment ministry said. It was the second baby born to rhino […]

African White-Bellied Tree Pangolin

Happy Mother’s Day from Pangolin Conservation!

A mother & daughter White-bellied Tree Pangolin (Phataginus tricuspis). Photos are by Joel Sartore, for his Photo Ark project. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for pangolins births in the USA! Can’t wait to have plenty of awesome pics for the next year! Photos were taken in St. Augustine, FL at Pangolin Conservation, a non-profit organization whose is dedicated to promoting the conservation, education, and research of the world’s most fascinating mammals! Why is this important? Pangolins are declining at an alarming rate due […]

The Endangered Pangolin is a Real-life Sandslash – NERDIST

“Sandslash, the ground-type Pokémon that can roll and slash like Muhammad Ali bobbed and weaved, is adept at battling various foes (especially the ones that don’t fly), and making its trainer proud with earthshakingly powerful attacks. The pangolin on the other hand, Sandslash’s real-life doppelgänger, is a scaly mammal from Africa and Asia who’s not nearly as fortunate in the whole “fighting” department.” READ MORE on NERDIST

Pangolin Featured in the New Movie, The Jungle Book!

It appears that in Disney’s new live action version of The Jungle Book has a pangolin, named “Mr. Pangolin” in it! Look out for him when Mowgli and Baloo are harvesting honey. This simple addition of a pangolin to the movie will be HUGE to get the word out about these endangered mammals! I was unable to find a screen shot of the pangolin, but I’m looking forward to seeing it! Send me a screen shot it you see […]

We’re Headed Back to Africa & Need Your Help!

We’re headed back to Africa! First, PLEASE SHARE & LIKE THIS POST! Excited to say that we’re headed back to continue our important work in West Africa. We need your help to make this trip a success! Please read over our trip objectives below. Donate to help us reach our goal of $5000. We do not have a paid staff, so donations go directly to establishing our objectives. 1.) Surveying available habitat in West Africa, to find what areas […]

Justin Miller, Founder of Pangolin Conservation

Pangolin Conservation’s Founder, Justin Miller, talking about Pangolins Fri. 29th Jan

Want to learn more about pangolins and Pangolin Conservation? Check us out on our media blitz happening this Friday! On the 29th of Jan. 2016 Justin Miller, the founder of Pangolin Conservation, will be on two different programs for those located in North East Florida. He’ll be on First Coast Connect (9-10 am eastern). For those outside of the terrestrial listening area, you can stream it here. Then he’ll run over to First Coast Living, that airs […]

Stuffed Pangolin for Sale in Cambodia as Souvenir

In a recent trip to Cambodia, HCI’s Myke Clarkson was horrified to see a stuffed pangolin for sale in a shop that offered souvenirs to tourists. While the curio trade is not the main threat to the species in Cambodia, the Sunda Pangolin, (Manis javanica) is listed by the IUCN as a critically endangered species with a loss of over 80% of the population over the last 21 years! In Cambodia, this species is now considered quite rare. The main threats to […]

We Are Expecting ANOTHER Baby Pangolin and Other Updates!

We’re proud to announce that it appears we have another pregnant pangolin! She’s expected to give birth in Jan, if our calculations are correct! This is the first time a juvenile immature female Tree Pangolin has been raised in captivity to maturity, then bred! Our previous 2 females that have given birth were wild-obtained adults that likely were pregnant at the time we obtained them. We will be able to say, with certainty, that this female […]