Taipei Sends Pangolins to Germany’s Leipzig Zoo As Conservation Ambassadors

Photo courtesy of Taipei Zoo

Taipei, Dec. 14: Two pangolins from the Taipei Zoo have been sent to Germany’s Leipzig Zoo as part of the zoo’s conservation efforts to help sustain the captive pangolin population in Germany, the Taipei Zoo said Wednesday.

Pangolins are considered to be hard to breed, but Taipei Zoo has a lot of experience in rescuing injured wild pangolins for over three decades. It is hoped that the animals, a male named Shui-li (水里) and a female called Chuan-cyong (穿芎), will be conservation ambassadors for Taiwan, the Taipei Zoo said.

However, this is not the first time the city zoo has given captive pangolins to Germany. Two of the creatures, named Tou-fen (頭份) and Gui-shan (龜山), have each been living at the Leipzig Zoo since 2007 and 2009, respectively.

According to veterinarians at the Taipei Zoo, they have developed a unique diet for the animals that has been quite successful in helping them to survive. The so-called “pangolin diet” is based on the nutritional composition of ants and consists of a mixture of proteins, nutrients and dietary fiber.

In 2014, the Taipei Zoo successfully raised a newborn pangolin named Gung-wu (芎梧) through bottle feeding, stunning zoologists the world over.