Four-Year Old Raises Money for Pangolins with Lemonade Stand and Completely Melts our Hearts

Dasa donated over $70, raised from running a lemonade stand!

Dasa donated over $70, raised from running a lemonade stand!

Everyday we’re reminded that one individual can make a difference. Today, it’s the story of Dasa (what a beautiful name), a four-year old who took it upon themselves to raise over $70 that they donated to help pangolins!

Thank you Dasa! YOU INSPIRE US! Your $70 will goes towards the essential research to protect pangolins in West Africa! With this research we will be able to protect the pangolins of West Africa from the horrific trade in pangolins being smuggled to supply traditional medicine. In 2017, alone, we’ll be funding over $60,000 towards pangolin research, conducted in collaboration with our partners at the Université de Lomé and Agbo Zegue.


We’re happy to report that Dasa’s work has inspired others to #BeLikeDasa! Thank you Jennifer E. with The Nature Junkies for your support! Thankfully we’re able to donate our time to run this organization, which means 100% of the funds go towards our conservation projects!

We can’t wait to show everyone all the hard work we’re doing on the ground in Africa, and the effect it will have to not only understand pangolins better but protect them from poachers. One big part of this is community engagement, and with the creation of a program to track the trade in EVERY village of the Plateaux Region of Togo, we’ll be able to focus our efforts on individual villages that are harvesting these animals in unsustainable numbers.

With the help of local leaders, we’ll be able to offer hunters alternatives to hunting pangolins. One possibility we are looking at now is the creation of converting these hunters to grasscutter farmers. Grass cutters are a large rodent that hunters use as bushmeat. Thankfully, they are easily farmed and fed easily grown grasses that can be sustainably harvested. Every hunter we convert to a program like this is one less setting snares in the forest.

We have to remember to work WITH the people to find solutions. Legislation and enforcement alone will not solve the underlying problems.

ALL donations directly support our work, including our programs in West Africa to study and mitigate the trade. West Africa is currently becoming ground zero, and we’re here to keep these animals from going extinct! We’re a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charitable organization located in the USA. Our tax EIN is 47-4093670 and our tax-exempt status can be verified with the IRS by searching for our parent organization (Zoological Conservation) using our EIN number. We operate under the dba Pangolin Conservation. Our staff is unpaid and every donation goes to fully fund our conservation, research, and educational activities.

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