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Army Major Arrested Allegedly Smuggling Pangolin Meat & Ivory – South Sudan

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN – South Sudan authorities arrested an army major and a Chinese oil worker for allegedly trafficking elephant ivory and endangered pangolin meat through the country’s Paloich oil fields. National wildlife service officer Bona Adino said he arrested the army officer at Juba International Airport Tuesday with 27 pieces of cut ivory from eight elephants on a cargo flight to Paloich, the country’s only functioning oil fields. On Wednesday, an airport sniffer dog unit […]

Three Poachers Arrested in Gwalior for Killing Pangolins – India

Bhopal, May 25: Three poachers were arrested in Gwalior for killing endangered pangolins whose meat and scales are smuggled to illegal markets in China, Vietnam, Thailand among others where the parts are used to create potions believed to have aphrodisiac properties. Based on intelligence gathered by the Wildlife SOS Anti-Poaching Unit, a joint operation was launched in collaboration with the DFO of Gwalior, the CCF Gwalior – Madhya Pradesh Forest Department and the state police […]

A Small Snippet of My Life with Pangolins

“When someone unexpectedly hands you a pangolin in a woven plastic sac, what do you do? I was not expecting this, not right now. This poor girl was about to be delivered to a Chinese restaurant (who would have eaten it). A moment later, another bag was produced. It turns out she gave birth to a male offspring, the previous night, within the sac!!! The baby was being kept in a small bag, separate from the […]

250k USD Worth of Pangolin Scales Seized from Speedboat – Hong Kong

At 2 am, yesterday, Customs officers spotted people loading goods onto a speedboat on the coast of Lau Fau Shan in northeastern New Territories. Officers intercepted them and found five cartons containing 130 kilos of pangolin scales and 15 bags holding 310 kilos of furs (appearing to be from small white animals), with a total value of HKD2 million (250k USD, instead by Pangolin Conservation). The government statement did not specify whether any arrests were made. A customs official […]

Rare Sumatran Rhino Calf Born in Indonesia

A critically endangered Sumatran rhino was born in Indonesia. A HUGE congrats from Pangolin Conservation to all those involved in this amazing captive breeding success! JAKARTA: A Sumatran rhino gave birth at a sanctuary in Indonesia on Thursday, an official said, taking the critically endangered species a step further away from extinction. The female calf was born at 5:40 am on western Sumatra island, a spokesman for the environment ministry said. It was the second baby born to rhino […]

Duo Held w/ Pangolin Scales – Nepal

KATHMANDU – Police apprehended two persons in possession of two kilograms of pangolin scales from Bouddha, KMC-6 on Monday. The suspects have been identified as Tirtha Shrestha (28) & Ashok Shrestha (23) of Bhuji-2 Ramechhap. They are said to be currently residing at Bouddha. A police team deployed from the Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) nabbed the duo while they were looking for prospective clients to sell the scales of endangered animal. They were nabbed acting on a tip-off, […]

Happy Mother’s Day from Pangolin Conservation!

A mother & daughter White-bellied Tree Pangolin (Phataginus tricuspis). Photos are by Joel Sartore, for his Photo Ark project. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for pangolins births in the USA! Can’t wait to have plenty of awesome pics for the next year! Photos were taken in St. Augustine, FL at Pangolin Conservation, a non-profit organization whose is dedicated to promoting the conservation, education, and research of the world’s most fascinating mammals! Why is this important? Pangolins are declining at an alarming rate due […]

African White-Bellied Tree Pangolin